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What is VigRX ?

If you are looking for a male supplement, look no further than VigRX. Not only is it an established product that has been around for nearly 15 years now, it is also the number one selling item in its market. As well this, it is one of the few enhancement items to receive media attention, having featured in Maxim, Penthouse, FHM and Rolling Stone.

This supplement continues to remain so popular, when other similar products have come and gone, because it is helping a lot of men to gain confidence in the bedroom.

Why use VigRX Pills?

Are you apart of 45% of men who would like a larger penis, or one of the 10% facing embarrassing erection problems? This supplement has been specifically designed with you in mind. It is known that daily use of this product could support your virility.

How does it work?

It is the natural ingredients that this supplement is made up of that help to make this supplement so successful. Each of the components have been carefully chosen as they are known to have a long history of use as aphrodisiacs and libido boosters in the world of alternative medicine.

Just like a balloon gets bigger and harder the more air you pump into it, an erection works in a similar way, but the air is blood flow. The natural ingredients found in VigRX capsules are known to help this happen.

How do you take VigRX for men?

You need to take two capsules a say, with food and water, which could be one with your lunch and another with dinner. Do not exceed the stated dosage, result will not appear any faster for doing this and it disturbs the precisely measured out dosing.

If you are a vegetarian, you can still take this supplement without having to worry about if it clashes with your lifestyle choice.

Is VigRX for men safe?

You do not have to be concerned about any side effects when using this product, as it is made with natural ingredients.

There is no need to worry about counterfeit products either. All bottles that we send out have authenticity labels on them, which shows you that what you are buying is genuine.