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Counterfeit Check

Verify The Authenticity Of Your VigRX Plus™

Your health is too important; don’t risk it by buying fake products.

VigRX Plus is a popular male supplement. The popularity of this supplement is simply due to the exceptional results that can delivers. Men across the world are praising VigRX Plus for improving their intimate life. Even clinical studies have established that VigRX Plus can help to increase libido, sexual stamina and overall sexual satisfaction for men.

But due to the increasing popularity of Vigrx Plus, has resulted in counterfeits being made by many companies. There are lots of people out there who try to imitate it. Many websites, including some of the renowned ones, sell counterfeit products. The biggest concern is that it can be difficult to spot an imitation product as they look exactly like the real product.

Buying fake Vigrx Plus pills online can be very dangerous. As most imitation products are available at a very low price, neither do they contain premium quality ingredients, nor are they formulated in a state-of-the-art facility, like ours.

While we don’t know what ingredients are added in fake VigRX Plus pills, but it is certain that their quality can’t be compared with the ingredients that are used in our capsules. Chances are high that manufactures of imitation products add low quality ingredients to make maximum profit. Low quality ingredients may cause serious side-effects and can be harmful for your health.

But we care for your health; hence we bring to you genuine VigRX Plus straight from the manufacturer. In a bid to counter these counterfeit products, real VigRX Plus now comes with a verification code. This code is a mark of authenticity and will help you establish the genuineness of your order.

All the VigRX Plus Capsules manufactured after December 20th, 2012 have a code featured on its packaging. To check whether your product is genuine or not, simply enter the code on the box into the field below.

If your VigRX Plus does not have a verification code, it might be counterfeit. Beware of such products!

VigRX Plus™ Authentication

For us your safety matters the most and hence we advise you to take the time to verify the code on your package. If you have any queries related to verification of VigRX Plus, feel free to call our customer service personnel and they will be happy to help you.

You can also contact us to report any counterfeit product that you come across on other sites or shops. We can together work to get low quality and potentially harmful products off the market.

VigRX Plus™ Bought For Less Than The Packages

On Our Website Could Be Counterfeit

To check the authenticity of your order, find the product verification code,

then enter the code in the box below.